Puerta Con Puerta
(Door to Door)

Identity theft from a Washington Heights resident makes him the neighbor’s first murder suspect. An investigation by a TV channel puts Olivia in trouble.

Shot in NYC in collaboration with Fatule Films.  Edited by me

A note from Christopher Deleon – This is the second film I have been part of. I worked on this as the editor. It was a pretty cool project, this one I didn’t have to focus too much on direction or providing it since we had some other pro’s on the team. Some of the actors in the film are some of Fatule’s acting students. I hope to see all of them on the big screen, well, if it can ever come back. We were going to present this in film festivals throughout NYC this past summer, but the plague kind of ruined our plans.  Anyway, this one isn’t going to win me the Oscars, but you can at least see my editing skills at work. You gotta admit, im pretty good.