A group of High School students in Yonkers NY, hear an emergency alarm and take refuge in a protected basement, they spend hours between arguing and making amends until they realize that the nuclear attack that everyone feared has not happened.

Shot at Yonkers Middle High school in collaboration with Fatule Films. Directed and Edited by me.

A note from Christopher Deleon – Please keep in mind this is my first time ever working with a group of young actors and also my first time ever to direct a film and not a commercial or political ad. The kids were well behaved and were pretty cool to work with, but kids will be kids.  We shot this in total 9 hours split across 3 days (they are kids, we cant force them to work hard, also they have real things to do like math and science…) Some of the kids surprised me with their acting ability which was pretty cool. If you decide to watch the full film, keep in mind that I didnt do this to win the Oscars. If anything, try to appreciate their effort and my editing ability.