Christopher De Leon began his journey as a brand amplifier and a digital nomad after serving seven years in the military as a U.S. Army Reserves healthcare specialist. 

While he trained for combat, De Leon also honed his innate artistic talents. He graduated with a degree in art from Miami Dade College and later studied international relations and political science at Florida International University. During this time, De Leon immersed himself into the professional modeling industry. 

After leaving the military in 2012, De Leon jumped into the realm of international hospitality, luxury expeditions, and sailing. While managing an all inclusive, clothing optional resort in the Dominican Republic, De Leon sharpened his teeth in digital advertising, web development, and video production.

Upon returning to Miami in 2016, De Leon helped his friends grow their digital advertising company into a full-service targeted branding and content curation agency by bringing his web development, video production, and content creation expertise. In a year’s time, the company grew to to a diverse team of skilled professionals, buzzed with interns and built a thriving ecosystem for Miami creatives. 

In 2017, De Leon aided in mobilizing local nonprofit and community groups through an online volunteer and activist hub, Revitalize Reading. The portal served as a communications and planning nerve center for the region that allowed grassroots organizations to better collaborate and coordinate efforts. 

In his first election in 2018, De Leon was successful in becoming a Democratic Party Committeeman of Berks County’s Seventh Ward, including the City of Reading. He was soon called to New York to guide digital campaigns for elected officials and candidates within Manhattan & The Bronx. De Leon has since been at the forefront of crafting and guiding the online presence and outreach of elected officials and political hopefuls. 

While in New York, De Leon has undertaken two independent film projects, telling original stories from his community. He directed and edited Spanish-language adolescent drama “Desconectado,” a project in collaboration with Yonkers Middle and High Schools, .and also edited horror-thriller “Puerta Con Puerta,” in collaboration with FatuleFilms.

De Leon has gone on to develop a number of community resource nuclei such as D10NYC in a collaborative effort with elected officials and staff in New York’s 10th council district while working in the New York City Council. De Leon also crafted RDGHelp connecting entrepreneurs, activists and community leaders in Reading, Pa. He also launched MPACTS alongside other veterans as a means to organize and empower people via connective platforms. 

Currently, De Leon utilizes his disciplines of cinematography, market research, brand enhancement, community activism and creative consultation to spur evolution in his clients and his community.